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Passive income like this is so powerful because by definition it only requires effort to get started and then it continues to produce profits for years to come with very little additional effort needed. (this is how most investing works to create wealth)

You can now download this world’s first desk top app that not only allows you to follow the key steps to gather funding but also shows you how it can be used to harness passive income from investments like traditional businesses, real estate, trading in the financial markets or creating new online types of business.

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From the desk of Thomas Kish,
The only national business credit expert featured on CBS.

Passive income (defined as that which does not require much work to earn) is the best way to generate wealth. Passive income streams can come from anywhere and can be earned through countless numbers of business activities.

But money or funding is always required to start earning any new passive income.

The real secret to wealth is in knowing how to quickly access money and put it to work properly so that it creates the kind of desirable passive income which makes people comfortable and ultimately rich.

Would you like a ready source of business funding, no matter what your personal credit is like, and the step by step instructions needed to build the type of business that puts money into your pocket round the clock, even while you sleep?

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The Passive Income App includes:

  • Lifetime access to business credit forecasting software and complete profit statement creation software needed to run any business.
  • The Fast Money Guide – 77 ways to get money for any business.
  • Detailed written descriptions and locations of the 3 best business credit lending sources that offer ALL cash-based business funding.
  • Video instructions on exactly how to build business credit step by step.
  • Video instructions on how to complete any application for funding.
  • Video instructions on how to properly register a business name in any state.

Everything you need to learn in order to get large cash lines of business credit is included in this Passive Income App including the direct lending sources contact information.

You will also see just how these sources of funds should be used to quickly create passive income.


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Double DVD Set: How to build a million dollar business.

This 2 DVD set, which will be quickly mailed to your home, combines all the most important video training you will also have access to online in one convenient place for your viewing enjoyment on the big screen of your TV.

Remember, this passive income app is everything you need to show you, step by step how and where to get money and use it to build a new source of income for yourself in any type of business activity.

Complete funding instructions are the foundation of this system, but it goes so much deeper than that, with comprehensive training on all the keys to properly starting and growing a business in today’s economy.

The only thing that separates those that work hard and struggle from those that have financial security and leisure time is PASSIVE INCOME.

Get started quickly down the road to many different kinds of new passive income sources with this simple desk top application complete with software, video instructions and real lenders contact information.EPI1a1

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Here is how this program can work for you:

No one can guess, guarantee or predict what kind of income (if any) you will make in any new business venture or investment. But people that use the kind of low risk business credit funding this program offers have a dramatically higher rate of success.

If you don’t try something different from the traditional methods you have been using in the past you are doomed to repeat the same results you probably find unsatisfactory at this time.

This program can work for you by dramatically speeding up your understanding of the business funding process, teaching you were to go to register a business name, how to write out funding applications properly to receive approvals and then inform you on what kind of business activity and investments are working now to create passive income.

There is no additional cost required to apply for the kind of business credit funding we recommend in this program and the nominal cost required to self register a business name online in your home state (or in any state you choose) is an investment every business owner must make to form a real business identity that protects you and your assets from risk.

This program will give you the training, information and instructions on how a business can be started and how to run it properly. You can then take the funding that is available to any business and with time, effort and determination you can carefully invest it in activity that could return a business profit and provide you with a great stream of automatic passive income.

Sincerely, Thomas Kish.
Founder of CashflowExperts.

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